What Is A Siding?

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What Is A Siding?

So you’re starting a home. You probably are wondering what line of defense to install on your wall. Hmmm…there’s a nice option to that, and that is what many people used to call as “siding”.

But, what about siding? What makes a siding a good option?

Siding is in the first place considered throughout the construction industry as one important tool for home building and decorating. It is used by hundreds of homeowners and developers in the United States, and it is worth noting that many of those who have used it have made their homes attractive. It is for this reason that siding is also considered throughout the industry as decorative.

Siding comes in a number of forms. Each form varies in sizes, shapes, and of course on the materials used. There are some that are made of vinyl, while others are of wood, concrete and aluminum. Some appear in shapes of rectangle, square, triangle, and almost all shapes, and much to your surprise it now comes with all the color options, ranging from pastel to the most traditional shades of brown and blue.

Although the siding comes in different types, with its own applications, they are installed basically with a similar guiding principle. In particular, it needs a sheathing, which is typically attached to the studs that serve as an important part of the support structure for your building wall. The sheathing comes in layers and it is simply made of plywood that is attached to the wall to serve such purpose.

There is another important material used for the application of siding – a building paper. Just like the sheathing, the building paper is applied in layers. They usually appear in black color and they serve as the foundation for the material. But, in what sense? Well, it is on the building papers actually where the siding is applied.

The siding serves a very important role in home building simply for the fact that it does not only serve a decorative purpose but it protects the sheathing from the wear and tear of extreme climates. The sheathing without it can easily go bad and rot especially if water is left flowing over it. So simply put, the siding is applied for it to stand as strong as possible.

Generally, developers and home builders consider siding as a strong line of defense for all the elements that surround a person’s place. It serves a number of decorative purposes simply for the reason that it is the first thing that you see in a home. And, since it boasts the exterior aura of the home, many experts in the field of construction are continually doing thorough researches and development to make it more durable, unique and stylish.

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