One could hardly dispute those tried and the tested

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One could hardly dispute those tried and the tested

The only put-off factor of wood materials is its price, and with a good reason. Tree candidates for use as house siding wood material is rapidly in decline; these slow growing primordial resource are fast getting overrun by constant demand. And as the stocks diminishes, price scale the skies. Would you finance a siding material that can equate your savings for the whole year?

With the introduction of log look vinyl siding, however, you should change your paradigm. Yes, wood is still a lauded siding material, but if you are one who considers every angle, you will see that vinyl is in fact better than what it is imitating.

Here’s why:

For Wood Siding Material
* Superior aesthetic appeal. In fact, it is the most beautiful house siding
* Very expensive and requires a professional to design
* Meticulous maintenance. Solutions for wood decay, wood boring insects are must in order for the wood to survive.
For Vinyl Siding Material
* Modern vinyl designs are very competitive in terms to aesthetic appeal
* Many times cheaper than even the most low end wood material
* Hassle free maintenance, only needs periodic cleaning with soap and water

Industrial vinyls are more often manufactured resembling the feel and look of wood. These log look vinyl sidings may yet surpass wood as the most popular choice for siding material. Check out these sites and see the log look vinyl they have for sale.

Parker’s Midwest Distributing at

Log look vinyl siding offered here comes with several designs. From Original Warm Cedar to Harvest Brown and Timber Wolf Gray, it isn’t possible not to have a prospect. And like synthetic log, they offer what a natural log can never offer: imperviousness to decay and rot, as well as insects, weather resilience and zero maintenance.

Resource Materials Corp at

Available in the cedar color, the log cabin vinyl siding sold at Resource Materials Corp is strength boasting with its rigid polystyrene insulation backing that’s also remarkable for reducing the loss of heat during winter seasons and coolness in the summer season. In short, it is also an energy conserving material very reminiscent of real logs.

Sisson Log Homes at

Sisson Log Homes is renowned for bringing excellently crafted log cabin vinyl sidings complete with the accompanying accessories and fitting should you choose. From log sidings to log fasteners they deal with everything that’s specialized in conventional log home construction.

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