How to Install Vinyl Siding: Tips for the Do-It-Yourselfers

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How to Install Vinyl Siding: Tips for the Do-It-Yourselfers

Many people are asking about how to install vinyl siding in the right possible way. A lot have said that it’s simply a matter of common sense. If you’ve started with the right move, the rest will go smoothly. However, we can’t deny the fact that although common sense plays a large role on the installation, the project won’t be complete without you knowing its basics. Yes, it is given that vinyl siding is the easiest material to install knowing that it can easily be cut and handled. The problem now is that each manufacturer of vinyl siding has their own instructions for installation. So if you want to install your vinyl siding in the best possible way, there’s nothing more important to do than to follow what your manufacturer has directed.

The manufacturer’s instruction for vinyl siding installation is usually given right at the moment you’ve purchase the vinyl. If you think that no installation manual is given, it would be best if you’ll ask your manufacturer about the guide. If you’ve picked up the right guide, then read it thoroughly and understand everything that is said. Note that generally, the steps involved in the vinyl siding installation are almost similar to that of the aluminum. The tools needed are even similar to that of the basic tools required in carpentry jobs. However, there are still a few like aviation shears and tin snips that you may need for the cutting and shaping of your vinyl.

Below are some of the basic tips to note when installing vinyl. If you are really serious in knowing how to install vinyl siding, then note the following:

Cutting: Vinyl siding can be cut and shaped by aviation shears or tin snips. You can also use a circular saw with a sharp and fine-toothed blade. But for small cuts, try to use a utility knife. Be sure to wear an eye protection when cutting.

Corners and Trims: When installing vinyl siding, pay greater attention to the corners and trims. The trim is typically the first material to be installed, either against the edges of the gables, or around the baseline of your home. Once installed, you can fit the panels into it.

Posts: The question on how to install vinyl siding also depends on your knowledge on how to install posts. So to make your job easy, position every post you have by driving nails through its uppermost slot. The post should be positioned in a way that it hangs from the nails. You can check its level to make sure that it is vertically aligned.

Starter Strip: This should be installed along the base of the chalk line. Check for proper alignment and drive nails for about every six inches.

Horizontal Panels: When handling horizontal panels, it would be best if you’ll allow them a sense of expansion. Just fit and lock the panels to the starter strip.

End Joints: Fitting and securing the end joints is but another important part of how to install vinyl siding. Well, when working on this task, just note that some vinyl have their backer tabs. Use this to secure the material on its place. Overlap the ends by about one inch right on the side where the panels meet.

So that’s basically are the most basic tips on how to install vinyl siding. For step-to-step installation, see your installation guide.

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