Ego in Social Personality Development

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Ego in Social Personality Development

Ego Development – How do I recognize my own identity?
Down in the gutter of your mind is the unconscious mind, which houses your ego. This ego is attached to your Id, self and the psyche. Each component matches up eventually in order to create your personality. In this gutter area, you are comatose, unaware, but you have automatic actions that occur.

At times, you are out cold because the unconscious mind conceals many elements that cause such cataleptics. An example of the unconscious mind’s activities however is noted by the following example.

Think of a time in your life when you unwittingly did something and could not explain your action. You probably felt ignorant if you did something wrong, but you likely felt a sensation of happiness if you did something good out of the ordinary. What happened is your unconscious mind sent a signal that channeled to the subliminal mind. The two of these fellers got together for a moment and invoked an insensible thought into your mind. You responded accordingly.

How do I know when the unconscious mind is communicating?
You develop self-awareness and higher plane of consciousness. We have automatic responses coming from the unconscious mind, which instinctively causes involuntary movement, thoughts and actions. Reflex response causes us unwittingly to react to these signals.

How do I control these automatic responses?
Simply put, mess with nature and you are going to get burnt. You do not necessary control these responses, unless the signals are sending negative messages. Because we are affected by influences and teaching, we must learn to recognize why we feel certain ways or do certain things. This leads us to learn the process of deliberation, which falls back on developing a higher plane of consciousness and self-awareness.

We must stay awake at all times. No this does not mean that we should forget rest, or sleep. But it means that we must develop this higher plane of conscious and awareness in order to stay tuned into the signals. Inside this mind is our hidden identity and self. One of the best ways to acquaint you with the unconscious mind is to use self-talk.

Understand that the ego makes up our personality, which most people misinterpret and start cultivating self-images. The opinions we have of self-factor into our behaviors, thoughts, feelings and actions. If we recognize this ego, it helps us to form a better opinion, which builds self-esteem, self-worth and a better image of self. It is the process of social and personality development.

Our ID is attached to the ego, which is where our identification and credentials are established. The self attaches to these two characteristics, which is why we have capabilities to nurture. If you understand the mind, you would see that the brain has a nurturing side. This side of the brain rests in the unconscious mind, which allows us to pamper self.

The psyche is here too. The psyche rests above the unconscious mind. This is ultimately the mind where we develop consciousness and awareness. If you follow, the structure of the unconscious mind you will learn natural ways to progress through social and personality development.

Still, you must understand that the body works with the mind. In fact, the mind tells the body what to do. Therefore, the first step through social and personality development is to become familiar with the physical self. How so, well, by understanding your body responses, you can bring the mind and body into harmony. Realize however, that the body only does what the mind says, so this is why it is important that we develop self-control.

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